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Advertising with a longer, stronger impact.
On print media, self-adhesive, easy-peel labels achieve an advertising impact that's way better than standard printed ads. With Sticky Notes, Magic Cards, Medias, Media Pack and, now, Liqua Touch, SITECH SYSTEMS is offering a wide-ranging portfolio of advertising formats with scope for a lot of creativity across a broad spectrum of applications.

Past advertising campaigns have revealed above-average response rates. In fact, results are being achieved that conventional direct-mail campaigns can only dream about. With newspaper publishers, targeted campaigns are generating additional incentives to buy and, over the short term, boosting circulations by 20 percent and more.

SITECH SYSTEMS supplies the right technology for applying the formats on the open web and in the conveyor systems of all well-known mailroom manufacturers. We take responsibility for the development, manufacture and supply of the advertising material in the most varies shapes and sizes. When it comes to achieving maximum impact, SITECH SYSTEMS can advise you on the visual design of your advertising formats.
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