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First quality precision technology – manufactured in Switzerland.
The application modules of SITECH SYSTEMS GmbH are quality products, which are developped and manufactured in Switzerland from scratch. Due to the robust design and there long lifetime, these devices work at comparatively low operational costs.

State of the art control technology with high resolution guarantee smooth running and a high positioning accuracy of the labels, up to the peak performance range. The application modules measure the length of the labels automatically. They operate without any identification marks, permitting the processing of lables of any format. The application modules of SITECH SYSTEMS recognize missing labels during production which are automatically bypassed depending on production speed. In any case, continuity of the process during production is ensured. Processing data can be stored and reloaded when requested for repeat jobs. Direct keys allow readjusment while production is running.

Thanks to the appropriate interfaces, advertising formats from SITECH SYSTEMS can be applied with any printing press, conveyor system, finishing system, gatherer stitcher, perfect binder or folding machine obtainable in the marketplace. Full allowance has been made for the different product spacings in the copy stream, which depend on individual manufacturers. A range of models cater for speeds between 40,000 and 80,000 copies an hour. The application modules can be placed at any location as mobile versions, or integrated into the conveyor system as fixed units. The labels are fed from cardboard boxes as endless, Z-fold material.

Mobile application modules are also available to rent from SITECH SYSTEMS. We'll be happy to inform you about our rental conditions. Just call us on +41 52 343 22 59.

> Here you find the description of the application modules.
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