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Consultancy, engineering, trade – independent, dependable, professional
Founded in 1999, SITECH SYSTEMS GmbH is a consulting, engineering and trading company active in the newspaper and commercial printing industries. As independent partners, SITECH SYSTEMS takes overall project responsibility for the relocation, disassembly and reassembly of complete newspaper mailroom installations, as well as retrofit projects involving conversion and overhaul work. A speciality is the replacement of obsolete controls in the area of bundling with state-of-the-art technology incorporating modern hardware and operating systems, as well as the upgrading of mailroom components with new drive technology.

With its all-round offering, SITECH SYSTEMS helps publishing companies to promote their advertising business. At centre stage is the development and application of creative forms of advertising based on self-adhesive labels and 3-D inserts. Services include technology for the application of advertising carriers on the open paper web and in conveyor systems from all well-known manufacturers, as well as the supply of all advertising materials in a variety shapes, formats and finishes. SITECH SYSTEMS advises and supports customers with the design of the advertising carrier, as well as the planning, coordination and realization of advertising campaigns.

In the company's marking technology division, the marking, identification and management of articles in the most varied sectors are developed and marketed on the basis of laser technology solutions.
SITECH SYSTEMS GmbH · Im Langhag 7b · 8307 Effretikon (Switzerland) · Phone +41 52 343 22 59 · info@sitechsystems.ch
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