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Laser marking: anti-counterfeit precision.
When linked into databases, laser labelling allows the efficient organization of large inventories and precise tracking of individual items. Workpieces of the most varied types and origins can be labelled to make them counterfeit proof. The spectrum extends from simple alphanumeric character sequences on labels to EAN Data Matrix codes on all materials and on complex geometrical shapes. The laser technique operates economically, with high precision and minimum utilization of auxiliary equipment. Economic marking is assured even with small batch sizes, too.

SITECH SYSTEMS employs laser technology from manufacturers with longstanding experience. For the integration of laser technology into application systems, we work in close collaboration with the company ZK-Sondermaschinen . The technical concepts cover both OEM installations integrated into production lines, as well as stand-alone solutions with rotary tables, X-/Y-/Z-axis tables and materials handling equipment. All systems can be equipped with automatic workpiece infeed. Installation, training and services are secured via SITECH SYSTEMS.

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