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Our pre-owned machines are in first-class condition.
Unique opportunity: Complete Ferag processing system in very good condition.
Solprint Einstecktrommel
Solprint Pakektreuzleger
    • • 2 pick-up-stations with double roll pressing device
      • Ferag single copy conveyor technology
      • 1 inserting drum with three infeeds for one main product and two preprints
      • Ferag storage technology (winding system)
      • 2 QAP stackers with PRA-PC control (for programmed bundle production)
      • 2 quarterfold lines with inkjet addressing system
      • 2 Affeldt wrapping machines
      • 2 Mosca strapping machines
      • 1 Ferag trimming drum
      • 1 bundle dispatch system
  • TS800 compensating stacker
    Quantity: 2
    Manufacturer: Idab Wamac
    Year: 2000
    Integrated topsheet application
    Bundle cycle: 2 seconds

    Price on application
    Longitudinal and cross strapping machines
    Quantity: 2
    Manufacturer: Schneider-Ozga
    Year: 2008
    Output: 25 bundles per minute
    Option: Sack flag printer
    Features: No turntable,
    either cross or parallel strapping

    Price on application
    Quarterfold components with bundle cross strapper
    Qunatity: 3
    Manufacturer: Ferag
    Year: 1990
    Output: 10,000 cph
    Features: Integrated Inkjet printing

    Price on application
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