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We take overall responsibility for retrofit projects.
When an update of the mailroom is on the cards, the retrofit option is an economically and technically interesting alternative to a new investment. An overhaul of the existing technology means that the working life of a production system can be extended for further years and investment capital can continue in profitable use. The acquisition of an overhauled, pre-owned installation is also possible, along with the partial replacement of a system with new components.

As an independent partner, SITECH SYSTEMS provides advice in all business and engineering matters, realizes the planning and engineering work, and takes overall project responsibility for the relocation, disassembly, reassembly or conversion of mailroom systems. SITECH SYSTEMS services Include the replacement of obsolete controls for programmed bundling, addressing, inline topsheet printing and bundle evacuation with state-or-the-art technology incorporating modern hardware and operating systems. Solutions from Norwegian software developer Realcom Development are also used. In the area of drive technology, SITECH SYSTEMS relies on tried-and-tested Unidrive technology for all components in a mailroom system.
SITECH SYSTEMS GmbH · Im Langhag 7b · 8307 Effretikon (Switzerland) · Phone +41 52 343 22 59 · info@sitechsystems.ch
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